Our services and contracts are based on the following values:

  • House with 2 Br / 3 Br without pool or annex from 150 000€+VAT
  • House with 3 Br without pool or annex from 200 000€+VAT
  • House with 4 Br / 5 Br with pool, landscape plan and annex from 250 000€+VAT

Other typologies or other buildings, on request.

All typologies include all project services, construction, cityhall or other fees.

All materials and equipment are in the mid / high range.

Including central heating / cooling.

Fully Equipped Kitchen Included.

From houses with more 4 bedrooms, home automation installation included.

Possible renewable energy system included.

Maintenance plan included.

Maintenance during a determined period, according to the typology of the house included.

Possible Extent of Warranty