What We Do

We are an innovative team, focused on building turnkey house and other buildings projects.

We have construction license and professionals that work in management, marketing, architecture, engineering, law, aong others, who provide you with all the support required.


The main advantage in choosing our services is simple: choose the home that suits you best and don't worry any more, we take care of the remaining process.


Our concept is based on the precision in the execution of your home in all phases of the process:

  • Choose the Location
  • Choose the Type and Area
  • Choose the Land
  • Project- Architecture and Engineering Projects
  • Licensing in the Competent Entities
  • Execution - Construction of the Property
  • Finalization - Essays, Habitability License or Use, Full Dossier with Maintenance Plan
  • Delivery of the Property to the Client


  • Internal Planning
  • Construction Works Planning


  • Architecture
    - Building Architects
    - Landscape Architects
    - Designers
  • Engineering
    - Civil Engineers
    - Mechanical Engineers
    - Electrotechnical engineers
  • Interior Design
    - Interior Designers
    - Decor

Production / Construction

  • Work Direction
    - Engineers
    - Architects
  • Management
  • Production Specialists
    - Reinforced Concrete
    - Masonry
    - Electricians
    - Plumbers
    - HAVC
    - Plasterboard
    - Painters
    - Outdoor Works
    - Gardening


  • Legal Support
  • Contracts


  • Market Analysis
  • Sales / Clients

Human Resources

  • Human Resources Support


  • Internal Finances
  • Construction Finances